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Expressing the Value of Gratitude in the Medical Industry the Remarkable Way

Posted by ImageFIRST Healthcare Laundry Specialists on Mar 3, 2016 8:34:11 AM

When a patient or fellow coworker thanks you for your service, how do you respond? Do you shrug off the gratitude because you felt that you were just doing your job, or do you accept it wholeheartedly with a genuine response?

Your response to someone’s gratefulness for your efforts can help to make a positive impression in the medical environment. As a laundry provider for the healthcare industry, we aim to generate a positive impact in our workplace, just like the medical facilities we partner with. But, we also strive to help make a positive impact for our customers as well. How? By being remarkable.



Our Company Values

Accepting gratitude appropriately in the medical field involves having respect for one another, whether the communication is between a patient, nurse, doctor, or healthcare assistant. Being respectful is one of the values that we practice at our company. We follow four key values as we carry out our work, which helps us to achieve our purpose to positively impact the lives of those around us. Those values are to Be Respectful, Be Safe, Be Honest, and Be Remarkable.


Our commitment to these values allow us – our associates and Customer Advocates – to provide remarkable service while instilling a positive and everlasting impression in the community, in our workplace, and in our customer’s work environments. Every time one of our Customer Advocates visits their assigned medical facility, their staff is greeted by kind and courteous charisma who don’t take gratitude lightly. Our Customer Advocates emphasize our company values by providing topnotch customer service on a daily basis as they deliver medical laundry products and assist with inventory management.


How we express our Gratitude

We aren’t your typical laundry provider; we are always focused on being different! One of the ways we express appreciation for our customers and how effectively they care for their patients is by helping to make their lives easier when it comes to laundry products. Our services are designed to make the process of acquiring medical laundry simple and pleasant so that your facility can operate more smoothly.

Through our Instant Service App, you have instant contact with your Customer Advocate at any time using a smartphone or mobile device. For unexpectedly busy days, the linen supply can be refilled with our Same-Day Linen Rescue Service. We also have the 5-Point Product Quality System in place to ensure that medical linen is of the highest quality and is packaged and cleaned to perfection.




An Expert’s Advice on Gratitude

Acknowledging gratitude correctly in the medical environment is important. Paul Levy, the former president and CEO of Boston-based Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, addressed the appropriate way to accept thankfulness and how it can have a positive impact on his blog Not Running a Hospital, in a post titled “It's not ‘nothing’ -- Accepting gratitude”. The article advised that gratitude should be accepted with thorough understanding to show the other person that their gratefulness is highly valued.


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