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How Being Guided by Values Can Impact Lives - and Save Them

Posted by ImageFIRST on Nov 29, 2017 3:26:12 PM

At ImageFIRST, a provider of healthcare laundry services in Memphis, TN, and other locations throughout the country, we take pride in our Values both in and out of the work environment. We strive to be respectful, remarkable, safe, and honest everywhere we go. Whether we’re in the office, at a medical facility, or walking down the street on the way home, we bring our Values with us.

One of our ImageFIRST Los Angeles associates, Ivan Garcia, recently showed how living by a set of values can make a profound impact. On September 28th in San Diego, CA, Garcia went above and beyond to protect a child and his community by being a Good Samaritan in a dangerous situation.

That day, Garcia was simply walking near Balboa Park when he witnessed a crime taking place. A two-month-old baby was ripped from his mother’s arms and kidnapped by his father. When police tried to pursue the suspect, the father threatened them with a knife. He then tried to escape by walking through Balboa Park with the baby in his arms.

Garcia, trying to save the baby and allow the police to catch the father, followed the criminal through the park for an hour. While walking behind him, Garcia communicated his position to the police over the phone.

Eventually, Garcia caught up to the man. He was able to calm the man down and gain his trust, which gave the police enough time to arrive at the scene and arrest him. After being caught, the suspect peacefully surrendered without harming the baby or any witnesses.

Garcia was motivated to track the man down by practicing ImageFIRST’s values. “Obviously safety is always important, as it is one of our company values,” he stated about the incident. “All I could think about in that moment was my kids and what I would want someone else to do for them and for me.” He added, “It just felt like the right thing to do.”

At ImageFIRST, our associates do much more than deliver healthcare bed linens in Nashville, TN (among other locations): They bring our Values and Purpose to life, whether at work or off the clock. Every day, ImageFIRST is making strides to improve lives. All of our services and linen management solutions are designed to make tasks easier for medical staff, which allow them to focus on caring for their patients.

All of our actions have a domino effect. When we are benefitting our associates, our customers, their patients, and members of the community, that’s when we are truly successful.