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ImageFIRST Is Attending The Beryl Institute PX2017!

Posted by ImageFIRST on Mar 6, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Each year, we deliver more scrubs and uniforms in Tennessee (and, not to mention, the rest of the US and Puerto Rico) than the previous year. Each year, we see more smiles on the faces of the staff at the medical facilities we partner with. Each year, we raise the bar for what patients throughout the region can expect upon their next visit to a healthcare provider.

We’re committed to improving the patient experience, and always have been. Now in our 50th year as a company, we have helped to change how medical facilities are perceived by their patients through constant and fresh initiatives that offer more to medical professionals and those they serve.

The Beryl Institute Patient Experience Conference 2017 kicks off Monday, March 20 and ends Wednesday March, 22 at the Hyatt Regency in Denver, CO. The stated purpose of the conference is to gather “the collective voices of healthcare professionals across the globe to convene, engage and expand the dialogue on improving patient experience.” Founded in 2006, The Beryl Institute has been a global resource for the healthcare industry for more than a decade.

The conference brings together healthcare leaders, staff, physicians, patients and families committed to improving the patient experience. This year, hundreds of the biggest names in the healthcare industry are headed to Denver. Participating in the conference allows us to learn about the latest and greatest practices and technologies that will fuel the future of improving the patient experience. It also allows us to share our best practices with those in related fields so that they too can leave their mark on healthcare.

At ImageFIRST, we’re looking forward to the opportunity afforded to us by Patient Experience Conference 2017. We’ll be speaking with others in our industry about things like ComfortFIRST, our program that combines top-of-the-line products like bed linens, scrubs and uniforms with extraordinary quality assurance practices.

We’ll have plenty to discuss with all the other providers. To learn more about our previous visits to The Beryl Institute Patient Experience Conference, all of our initiatives or our nurse scrubs in Tennessee, visit