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Is Linen Taking Time Away from Patient Care? ImageFIRST Can Help.

Posted by ImageFIRST Healthcare Laundry Specialists on Jun 8, 2016 12:00:00 PM

In a recent write-up, our own South East Regional Vice President and National Service Director Jay Juffre explains the importance of ImageFIRST remaining a medical-only linen service provider. Juffre spoke to the importance of specialization not only in healthcare linen service, but also in healthcare facilities.

Juffre explains the need for healthcare facilities to work with vendor partners to allow medical professionals to focus on their jobs. “By allowing us to manage the program,” he said, “it’s saving them money in the long run; but more importantly it ends up saving them time. It allows staff to do other things…We take them out of the linen business and keep them in the healthcare business.” This highlights the importance of allowing a given facility, team or professional the agency to do what they do best. In the fast-paced environment of patient care, there is always a task to perform, and time spent on enriching the lives of every patient is more valuable than stretching workers thin over multiple administrative tasks.


The article highlighted that ImageFIRST has a 97.5 percent rate of retention, which is the highest in the business. It also featured the innovative approach the company has taken using modern technology to fuel their industry-leading customer service. Juffre notes, “Each Customer Advocate has a smartphone that helps them manage the inventory—it’s not like a piece of paper that can be mixed up…we want to be transparent and we have to manage [clients’] needs.” In recent years we’ve consistently pioneered new and different technologies that allow us to change how the industry does business. From the newly redesigned online catalog to our Customer Portal, we’re always looking at ways to bring even more to the world of medical linen management.


Whether it’s healthcare bed supplies in Tennessee or new ways to manage deliveries in Florida, we’ve brought about a new age in how medical linens are handled. Our approach has allowed us to become the largest and fastest growing company in our field. We aren’t stopping—we’re helping healthcare professionals across the country “get out of the linen business” and deeper into patient care.